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2d Design V2 License Crack Software

2D Design V2 License Software

2D Design V2 is a CAD/CAM software that allows users to create sophisticated graphic and technical drawings with direct machine output. It is widely used in UK secondary schools and universities for various design projects. However, 2D Design V2 has been superseded by a new software called TechSoft Design V3, which is available for purchase.

Download File:

Users who still want to use 2D Design V2 can purchase it for upgrades, student licenses, or for computers running Windows XP and Windows Vista. The software has different license options depending on the number of users and the type of installation. The license options are as follows:

  • Single License: This allows one user to install and use the software on one computer. The price for a single license is 99.

  • Site License: This allows unlimited users to install and use the software on any computer within a single site (e.g., a school or a college). The price for a site license is 495.

  • Student License: This allows students to install and use the software on their own computers at home. The student license can only be purchased by site license holders, and the price is 10 per student.

Users who have an older version of 2D Design (V1) can upgrade to 2D Design V2 with a discounted price. The upgrade prices are as follows:

Current License

New License


Single License V1

Single License V2


Single License V1

Site License V2


Site License V1

Site License V2


Student License V1

Student License V2

5 per student

To purchase or upgrade 2D Design V2, users can contact TechSoft by phone or email. Users can also find more information about the software features and capabilities on the TechSoft website .

I hope this article was helpful for you. If you have any questions or feedback, please let me know.


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